Our Story


NaviHedge provides transparent corporate & enterprise technology solutions to an opaque global marketplace.


At NaviHedge, we are a wholly owned Australian company with a highly experienced team in the technology/fintech industry. We understand the importance of automation, transparency with an unparalleled level of ethical principles driving our development team.

For our clients, we can discuss and help implement technology solutions and strategies that enable better outcomes for the end-users. Win-Win scenarios.
The foreign exchange hedging market is dominated by manual processes that enable traditional foreign exchange providers to maximise profit with little transparency. We aim to be the global leaders in cloud-based technology solutions that level the playing field. We provide an unprecedented level of transparency and multi-product pricing outcomes specifically for corporates, enterprises, hedge funds, family offices, VC firms, private equity, neo banks, or any organisation desiring an evolutionary leap in technology solutions that puts the customer first. 
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Our Team


Tim Connors

Founder and CEO


Wade Dilks

Managing Director & Partner


Braun Kim

Financial Controller


Naseer Mohammed

Director of Technology