Control hedging and payments on your own terms.

Self-serve, digitally-native and fully transparent.
NaviHedge upgrades and streamlines foreign currency hedging and payments for Wealth Managers, FIs, and FinTechs and across the globe.

one place, multiple options

One powerful platform for hedging and payments.

NaviHedge is the world’s first end-to-end SaaS platform integrating spot, forward and option execution, credit limits and payments in a single secure location.

With live pricing for easy-to-understand hedging products, you book online making future payments easy. Game-changing stuff.


Competitive and transparent.

With fully transparent rates and fees in over 140 currencies, you can identify, compare and execute FX derivative contracts and track live payments between accounts. 

Our world-first comparison tool enables quick assessment of option pricing and risk from other providers for ultimate best fit - for you and your clients.


Revolutionise Hedging & Payments In Your Business.


Execute popular hedging structures in under 10 seconds with XpressHedge. Our simple hedging widget gives you the speed and confidence to manage FX exposure in a fast-moving market.

The world at a glance

From the powerful NaviHedge dashboard, quickly and easily see live spot and rate charts, and access XpressHedge and the latest FX news.

Set your own rates

With full control of end-client pricing, you can set your own rates to build an additional revenue stream for your business.

White label or API integration

Looking to integrate hedging and payments into your existing systems? Use the NaviHedge API and start customising capabilities for your business.

360° view of your risk and exposure

Ultimate risk management.

For the most informed risk management, NaviHedge gives you a 360° view of your risk and exposure against credit limit and margin call requirements. 

Together, NaviHedge provides you with greater transparency of credit and FX risk, with API-linked credit limits to reduce overexposure. 


Stay in the know.

NaviHedge offers complete oversight of FX exposures and derivative movements against credit limit and margin call requirements, ensuring you don’t become overexposed.

Real-time reports:

  • Position summary 
  • Cash flow projections 
  • Confirmations fact sheets
  • Delta Ladder Revenue

Daily reports:

  • Position details
  • Credit summary
  • Position summary
  • Delta Ladder Statement

What is the Delta Ladder? The expected change in profit and loss of your open positions should the spot rate move by certain intervals.


The best way to manage and hedge payments has arrived.

We’ve removed opacity and uncertainty providing only knowledge, clarity and trust for you and your clients.


Ready to launch hedging and payments in your business?

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