Streamlined hedging & payments for your business.

NaviHedge is the world’s first end-to-end hedging and payments FinTech – integrating spot, forward and option execution in one secure SaaS platform.


One secure platform to navigate foreign currency hedging & payments

NaviHedge offers instant, live pricing and execution on an extensive suite of popular hedging structures and solutions. 

Book competitive spot, hedges or market orders from any device from a market maker. Transparent and easy. 


Everything you need to navigate foreign currency hedging and international payments.


Live pricing and a suite of popular hedging structures and solutions for the best fit.


With transparent rates and fees in over 140 currencies, identify, compare and execute FX derivative contracts and track live payments.

Risk Management

Complete visibility of FX exposures and derivative movements in real-time against live credit limits and margin call requirements.

API Integration

A plug-and-play API to quickly and easily integrate NaviHedge's powerful hedging and payment tech into your existing solution.

White Label

A fully white labelled solution is available for a seamless experience for your clients and partners.

Full service

Built by specialists, NaviHedge knows how to service you and your client's most complex currency needs.

cloud-based and secure

Available where you are.

Fully cloud-based, NaviHedge works wherever you do and from any device. Using HTTPS and SSL technology ensures your information is protected in transit, and we work continuously to maintain the strictest security standards.


The best way to navigate hedging and payments has arrived.

NaviHedge makes hedging transparent, fast, and easy. Streamline your workflow to structure and execute FX hedges and payments in one powerful platform, wherever you are.


Ready to launch hedging and payments in your business?

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