About NaviHedge

Reducing FX risk and giving more FX opportunities, NaviHedge brings FX into the new age.
For businesses making cross border payments, this is long overdue - but it’s finally here.

About us

Our mission

Better foreign currency payments starts with better foreign currency.

Over 90% of excessive cross-border payment cost still comes down to poor FX rates. Despite FinTechs making the payment process faster and cheaper over the last decade, navigating markets and hedging FX risk for businesses is still too hard.

So, we’re fixing it from the start of the payment - the FX. From the ground up, we’ve built an FX-to-Pay cross-border payment platform for business.

NaviHedge, our market-making platform understands FX risk for business is different. It is built to see the opportunity in FX markets so business customers can better navigate them and have greater control over their money. We believe that businesses should benefit from fee transparency and more choice so they can get the best FX rate that suits their goals, every time.

Our story

About us

As a proud Australian-owned company, NaviHedge is driven by a highly experienced team with a strong Fintech and FX background.

Our global expansion plans are guided by our mission to give all businesses access to better FX opportunities. We cultivate strong relationships built on trust, reliability and a shared vision for a fairer  foreign exchange marketplace.

our people

Meet the NaviHedge team

Simon Swanson
David Tozer
managing director
Braun Kim
chief financial officer
Wade Dilks
chief operating officer
Piers Watson
head of trading and Risk management
Naseer Mohammed
chief Technology officer

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